About The Wanted Children Foundation

The Wanted Children Foundation (TWCF), was established in 2006 to meet the growing numbers of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC),  in Nigeria, West Africa.

The goal of The Wanted Children Foundation is to provide for these children who have been left without opportunity or hope of a better life. We believe that  every child deserves to have a safe and nurturing environment where he/she can learn and grow, reaching the full potential that God intended for them.  We do this by providing a compassionate home for (OVC), who have faced such loss and incredible trauma in their lives.  In the grace and compassion of Jesus Christ, children and infants come into care and receive the love of family and the gift of belonging, as well as health and  nutrition, psychosocial support, education and  training. The goal of these homes  is to provide environments that are family-centered, not institutions, where 6-8 children and a set of house parents live and function as a true family.  The homes embrace a life-cycle approach to child care, where children will remain until they graduate from formal schooling and make decisions which will take them on towards a career in trades or academics.   

The Reason We Do This